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Boosting Your English Listening Skills

Listen and answer

Q1 : The passage is

P1 : a letter

P2 : an interview

P3 : an extract

Q2 : The passage deals with

P1 : London’s history

P2 : London's economy

P3 : London's tourism

Q3 : London was established by the Romans

P1 : two hundred years ago

P2 : two thousand years ago

P3 : two centuries ago

Q4 : "If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” Expresses

P1 : preference

P2 : condition

P3 : disapproval

Q5 : London is one of the most …………………… cities in the world.

P1 : wonderful

P2 : exciting

P3 : fascinating

Q6 : Choose the word having the sound / ou / from the list:

P1 : ago

P2 : around

P3 : thousand